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What are Data Models and Its types


A data model shows how the logical structure of your data is presented. it also specify how datas are related from each other and how can we store it within the system.

There are two types of Data models:

Data Models
  1. Object based logical model
  2. Record based logical model

Object based logical model:

It is just the blueprint of database which are not related to each other. it contains Entity relationship model (for example employee data, department data and relation between them).

Record based logical model:

It contains three major types of data models.

  1. Relational data model
  2. Hierarchical data model
  3. Network data model

Relational data model is stored in the form of rows and columns (also known as tabular data)

Hierarchical data model contains trees and nodes (only one root node and many child nodes)

Network data model contains relation between relationship between various attributes with each other.

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To deal with the data you have-

  1. Modifying data
  2. Removing data
  3. Removing files
  4. inserting data
  5. Adding new files
  6. Retrieving data

DBMS comes with enhanced security mechanism, fluent sharing of data across applications, better transactional support, and recovery & backup features.

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