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6 Ways To Make Money Online For Free

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6 Ways To Make Money Online For Free

Hey friends, in country like India most of the population lives in small and poor States. And most of the students are from those small States so they have very less opportunity to earn money from part time job. Even if students want to earn money, they are not able to earn due to lack of knowledge and high competition. And many such students whose financial condition is not good. 6 Ways To Make Money Online For Free

In this post, we will tell you 6 such ways by which you can earn money online along with studies, you can share this post with your friends who want to earn money online. Frankly Speaking, The path which we are going to tell you cannot make you rich overnight but can help you to a great extent. If you become expert on these paths then you can earn lakhs too, so let’s see these 6 ways.


You can become a language tutor, you can know any language like Punjabi, Hindi , English, Tamil, French, Bengali etc. To give tuition, you can visit many websites and app on the internet. Apart from this, if you know yoga , guitar, cooking etc. Then you can also give tuition and earn money online.

If you have good amount of education you can also approach several online platforms for tutoring. some of the best platforms are Udemy, Coursera, Testbook, Udacity, and many more. 6 Ways To Make Money Online For Free



You can also earn money from this without any risk. To learn mining, you have to take one day training how the software runs. And you can earn money daily from any website available on the internet from your computer or laptop. You will find many videos on YouTube to learn mining.

some of the websites for crypto mining are Chicken fast, trustcloudmining, Bemine, and OXBTC.


By learning this type of tool , you can open your own photo lab. In this you have to do photo editing, color change, background change and some filter stuff. You can do this work both offline and online. It may Take you 2 to 10 days to learn photoshop. You can also do this work with online Upwork and Fiverr app .with this you can also design thumbnail for youtubers . In this you get good amount of money.

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Freelancing is a way by which you can earn thousands of lakhs. If you know something like video editing, graphic design, art, content writing, website design, Coding then you can earn money from these websites.

Most of the people believe that freelancing is the future. I personally also believe that freelancing is a good part time job you can easily do to make money online.

There are several freelancing platform like Freelancer, upwork, fiverr, and PeoplePerHour. 6 Ways To Make Money Online For Free



This is the way by which you can earn money part time and doing this internship is good because in this you get to learn lot of skills along with money. In this you also get the opportunity to work in original projects. If you want to do internship then internshala website can help you so that you can search internship according to your interest. And it’s money is good too.


99% people join MLM business and they lose their money but you know! Sandeep Maheshwari sir said in his seminar “network marketing was the seminar he learned to dream up “ You must work in network marketing because from this you learn very important things of business. You can start BA business in this for very little money, in this you get experience along with money.

DISCLAIMER:- You must join network marketing but do not think of making it as a Hardcore career at Initial stage. 6 Ways To Make Money Online For Free



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