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Top 10 Machine Learning Projects to get high salary Job


Hello everyone welcome to educatedinfo. in today’s post, we will talk about top machine learning projects so that you can get a job easily and qualify for every job interview. Top 10 Machine Learning Projects to get high salary Job

A Quick Glance

As we know, the IT sector is booming day by day and the jobs available in the sector are growing rapidly.

Undoubtedly, it’s a great opportunity for the youngsters and job seekers to get placed in an interview to get any job related to this domain.

Machine learning is one part of this booming IT firm. Furthermore, you can see the implementation of machine learning in almost every online stuff for example Flipkart, Amazon, Facebook (meta), and many more.

Machine learning
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How to get Job in a Machine Learning profile?

you can absolutely get a job pretty easily in a machine learning profile. all you have to do is to do some online or offline courses and complete certain projects and then you are ready to go.

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular and easily accessible machine learning projects and ideas that you can use to land a job.

1. Loan Prediction by machine learning

The idea of this loan prediction project is to create and develop a machine learning model alternatively it can predict whether a certain amount of loan should be given to the customers or not.

This project is very popular and you can easily do this project with several coding languages like c, c++, Java, R, and python.

Dataset: Loan prediction

Machine learning
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2. House pricing prediction

in this machine learning project. you have to predict the prices of the house based on different independent variables.

Top 10 Machine Learning Projects to get high salary Job

Dataset: House Pricing

3. Fake new detection using Machine learning

Machine learning
Source: Pixabay

Fake news spreads like wildfire these days. That is why the significance of this project is out of the ordinary.

Dataset: fake news

4. Handwritten character recognization using ML and DL

the idea of this project is to make a model to recognize the letters or equations to identify it using different machine learning algorithms.

this project is a little advance because it also includes deep learning concepts

Dataset and code: handwritten character

Machine learning
Source: Pixabay

5. Credit card Fraud Detection using ML

The basic idea of this project along with machine learning algorithms is to check the transaction.

First, the companies and big firms do a lot of transactions so it is first and foremost priority to develop such a model to predict the transaction issues

dataset: Fraud detection

6. Creating a Movie recommendation System by Machine learning

Undoubtedly, the recommendation system is used by big companies and OTT platforms so that they can suggest the movie to the users according to their preferences.

Aside from that, machine learning can be used for prediction and recommendation.

Machine learning
Source: Pixabay

dataset and code: Movie recommendation

7. Speech emotion recognization

the basic glimpse of this project is to create a machine learning model so that it can be used for recognizing human emotions with the help of available datasets.

Following this project, there are several ideas you also can implement.

dataset and code: dataset of speech and code

8. Sentiment Analysis by machine learning algorithms

This project is also based on the ml model which recognizes the Human emotions

Dataset: sentiment dataset and Project 

9. Xbox game prediction

The idea of this project is to use the search data of different users across the globe. Top 10 Machine Learning Projects to get high salary Job

dataset and Code: Xbox prediction

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10. Bitcoin price prediction model using machine learning

The prices of Bitcoin are Increasing continuously. also, several news and statistics indicate that cryptocurrency is the future of the world.

Machine learning
Source: Pixabay

In addition to this, the machine learning project related to bitcoin can pay you a good salary and will make an impact.

Dataset: Bitcoin model

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