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Crack Gate Agricultural engineering exam in 1 month


Crack Gate Agricultural engineering exam in 1 month

Welcome to educatedinfo. in this recent post I will tell you the most effective ways to qualify gate agricultural engineering exam in just 1 or 2 months.

As we know most of the folks are preparing for the exam which will held in the month of February. although, most students are preparing from a very long time and most of the students just started to prepare for it.

The ultimate truth about gate exam especially in agricultural stream is it require lot of practice and revision because there are lot of concepts and formulas in every topic and we often forget what we have done till now if we didn’t do enough practice.

Steps to prepare for gate agricultural engineering exam

This post is about how to qualify such exam in a very short time if you didn’t prepare well enough in the past. we can divide the steps subject wise so that everyone can understand it better.

1. Farm power and machinery

For finishing farm power and machinery topic you just have to practice Jillani book. this book is not very big book and you can easily practice every question related to the book. one more thing you must do is to make a copy of formulas. write every formula you can find on this book and Sanjay kumar book.

2. Food processing

there is no alternate way to complete this vast topic in couple of days. it require lot of practice and time. you have to complete Ansari book for this. however, there are two exceptions A. write every formula and learn it (it makes everything easier) B. you can leave some chapters if it is taking too much time and have very less weightage.

there is 1 more advantage of this topic. as it contains high weightage in gate exam there are lot of questions coming from the same chapters in every year. mark those chapters and complete all of it. it hardly take 1 week.

3. Mathematics

For qualifying mathematics part i don’t suggest to go for any book like made easy because there is no time remaining in the gate exam.one thing you can do for aptitude is to cover it via short YouTube videos that are easily available if you type the name of the topic. you can also watch revision video just type “mathematics for gate revision” on YouTube and watch according to your preferance.

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4. Soil and Water Conservation

As you know there is no time remaining and your heartbeats are getting fast. then.no need to worry. i also completed this topic from just two videos and able to solve questions in gate exam with just watching these two videos. here is the link of the videos

5. Irrigation

No need to worry. you can complete irrigation part from Sanjay kumar itself. but, don’t focus on those solutions which are incorrect in the book. Crack Gate Agricultural engineering exam in 1 month

lastly, for hydrology part just focus on couple of concepts or questions that come every year. the best way to find them is on YouTube channel such as “gate agricultural engineering online” and ” agricultural engineering crack gate online”

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6. Consult and other strategies

I’m also attaching some videos that you must watch for better guidance and results. you can watch see them below. these videos will give you some guidance regarding how to tackle the questions and how to prepare at the last moment. Crack Gate Agricultural engineering exam in 1 month

All the best from educatedinfo.


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