Hi everyone! Welcome to the python series of educatedinfo. In this Part we will see the 5 best Python courses online for beginners to Advance.

Often w’ll see lot of courses on the internet and it’s difficult to choose which course is the best and not expensive.

You will get to know the 5 best python courses on internet. we choose these courses using following criteria:

  1. Quality of content
  2. Understanding the tutor language and presentation skills
  3. Price of the course
  4. Value of its certificate

5. Python Tutorial for Beginners By CodeWithharry

codwithharry python

This is one of the best Python course available free on YouTube. This tutorial is 11 hour long and If you are a beginner. this is the best course to start your first step toward learning python.

I heard most of the people saying that they watched the whole course in one go. Since i already watched this tutorial video. i must say that this is one of the best courses of python available free on youtube.

Positive points of course:

  • Easy to understand from basics
  • Harry bhai explained everything with ease. it gives motivation and fire when you are learning from start
  • great examples in the tutorial
  • Starts from scratch and went up to a good level

Negative points:

  • Only tutorial will not help. you need more of a practice to understand well
  • Lags in the visual presentation

4. Complete python Bootcamp from zero to hero By Udemy

python udemy

This course is for beginners who wants to learn python from zero to master. this course can be completed in less than 2.5 months.

This course covers basic python, functions, oops concepts, introduction to data structures, try and exception handing, web scrapping etc.

This is one of the highest rated course on udemy. if you want to learn from basics you undoubtedly take this course.

Positive Points of the course:

  • Easy to understand
  • Very cheap (399 to 499 INR)
  • Covers almost every concept
  • Descent Tutoring

Negative Points:

  • Lags in Visual Presentations
  • Not go up to advance level particularly

3. Python For Everybody Specialization [University of Michigan] Coursera

python coursera

This Course takes nearly 6 to 8 months for completion. Obviously most picked course on the platform in python

Furthermore, it covers topics like Basic Python, Python data structures, and SQL. This course is free to audit. but, if you want certificate it will cost you around $49 per month.

Learn: 5 best Python courses online for beginners to Advance

Positive Points:

  • Free to Audit
  • Covers almost all the important topics and concepts
  • great presentation skills and tutoring
  • Valuable certificates

Negative Points:

  • Not cheap.
  • No university credit

2. Introduction to Python programming [by Udacity]

python Udacity

Absolutely, the most interactive course on python. Conversely teach you to solve practical problems.

To covers almost all the concepts including, Data storage, loops, functions, and conditions. also you get to know the different libraries. This course also provide interactive quizzes for engagement.


  • Most Interactive course
  • great Presentation skills
  • Price is Free
  • Learn to practice and solving problems hands on


  • You must know and aware about python
  • Little knowledge of python programming is required to start the course

1. Introduction to Python Programming [edX]

Python edX

This course is Available in edX. Unlike any other courses this is considered as the most academic course available online.

The course is given by Georgia Institute if Technology in addition to this There are no major prerequisite. Indeed this course takes upto 5 months for completion. Additionally you must have little knowledge of mathematics and algebra.

Positives of the course:

  • Free to Audit
  • No prerequisites
  • Most Academic course
  • good in depth and concepts are well explained
  • Valuable certificate

Negatives of the course

  • Very Costly [$536]
  • Limited enrollment dates

Interesting Courses and Stuff On python [Don’t Miss]

Where to Practice Python programming?

Unlike viewing all these courses. mere completing the courses and collecting certificates won’t help you to master python programming. Above all, you need to practice good level questions. So below is the sources where you can practice python.

Learn These Concepts Explained By Us:


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