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10 Best Apps To Invest Your Money


For Decades, Stock market have remained one of the most effective way to build money by investing in stocks or companies. there are other types of investing platforms like ETF’s, pension funds, post offices, banks, and fixed deposits. 10 Best Apps To Invest Your Money

Investments in the stock market have changed over time and in different conditions, and now contemporary technology is transforming how people invest and plan for the future.

You can now simply pick up your smartphone, install an app, and invest your money however you want without having to pay high commissions or other fees. However, new technology introduces new risks.

10. Ally Invest

Ally Invest app is compatible for both android and IOS users. This is one of the best apps for investing money and its good for beginners to experts.

Moving money between accounts, paying bills, viewing scheduled payments, and reviewing payment history are all made easier with the mobile app. With Card Controls, you can set up and manage your Ally Bank debit card preferences, as well as control where, when, and how your card is used.

To automate their investments, investors can choose between four different portfolio methods. They can keep track of their account’s progress using a goal tracker.

9. Betterment

Betterment was one of the first automated portfolio management services, having launched in 2008. It’s a well-designed smartphone app that allows you to invest in a diverse portfolio of low-cost ETFs quickly and effortlessly (exchange-traded funds).

You’ll be asked a series of investment-related questions about your financial goals when you sign up. Additional (financial) targets can be added at any time.

Based on this, Betterment will give you a general concept of what kind of investment you should make to achieve your goal, and then hand-craft a well-diversified portfolio just for you. A portfolio’s assigned assets are typically of minimal risk.
This app allows users to receive direct financial advice from specialists of the domain.

8. Stash

Another low-cost stock market investment option is Stash. It lets users to start investing with as little as $5 (without costs), which may be used to purchase fractional shares (and ETFs) in over 200 different companies across various industries.

You can either build your own portfolio or invest in one of the many custom portfolios that are available. You can use the ‘auto-stash’ option to automate the investing cycles, ensuring that your portfolio grows steadily over time. 10 Best Apps To Invest Your Money

It also offers custodial (a minor’s investing account) and retirement services. Unlike the majority of the other financial apps on this list, Stash teaches novice investors the fundamentals of investing, finance, debt management, and retirement planning.

7. Acorns

Acorns is for investors who don’t want to commit money on a regular basis or spend more time thinking about their assets. It’s one of the most widely used investing applications.

To get started, simply open an Acorn account and add a credit or debit card to it. When you make an online payment, the app will round up the total due to the nearest dollar and save the change. When the total amount reaches $5, Acorns will invest it in your choice ETF portfolio automatically.

To increase the value of your investment, you can always make a substantial, one-time deposit. Acorns’ basic or core service is $1 per month. 10 Best Apps To Invest Your Money

6. M1 Finance

M1 Finance is an excellent investment app for those who are new to investing. You can start by creating your own portfolio with stocks and ETFs of your choice, or you can choose from around 80 pre-made portfolios. The rest can be found in the app.

Your funds are automatically invested in the chosen portfolio. Using the dynamic re-balancing approach, M1 also manages your stock positions (portfolio) during market corrections.

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5. Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments, for those unfamiliar, is a global financial services juggernaut that manages a huge number of mutual funds, provides life insurance, retirement, and operates one of the world’s largest brokerage businesses.

Fidelity’s brokerage and most market research tools are available via its mobile app, which works in a tightly connected environment with the company’s main desktop version. You can invest in equities, commission-free ETFs, mutual funds, and bonds using the app.

One of the reasons why investors all across the world trust Fidelity is its sophisticated research tool. It offers everything from basic stock analysis to insider transaction data.

4. Investing.com

Investing.com is one such service that can help you manage your assets effectively. The platform, which was first established in 2007, is now available in 25 different languages around the world.

It provides a diverse set of financial tools and instruments, as well as real-time stock quotations and market data from more than 70 global exchanges.

The app includes a real-time Economic Calendar, which makes it much easier to keep track of crucial market-moving news. You can track practically everything on the go, from key indices throughout the world to stocks, bonds, Forex, F&O, and bonds. The app is ad-supported in its free edition.

3. Robinhood

Robinhood, currently one of the most popular investing applications, has a lofty goal: to allow investors to profit from the stock market without having to pay any commissions.

It allows users to trade without paying commissions in US stocks, ETF funds, derivatives, and numerous cryptocurrencies. Simply download the app, link your bank account to fund the investments, and you’re set.

The program has a variety of graphs, stars, and other tools to assist you with your investing. Experienced stock traders can pay a fee to upgrade their accounts to Robinhood gold, which allows them to use their margin trading facility.

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2. Zerodha

Zerodha is the largest broker company in India. This platform has highest number of active users in India (8 million+) and counting.

This platform provides good experience in simplicity and UI. It has good user experience and its platform is easily accessible and available in google play store and online website with the desktop version.

It contains all the necessary requirement and good customer care service for the users.

1. ICICI Securities

ICICI securities is the subsidiary of ICICI bank Ltd. the company has top notch expertise in research that’s why it is the most trustworthy platform for investing money online.

It is the brokerage company that remains on the first position from almost a decade or so. In terms of active users holds the second position in India.

This platform is Trustworthy and very popular because more than 50 lakh+ investors invest their money here that includes big businessmen. The platform has a variety of graphs, stars, and other tools to assist you with your investing


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